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Take a look at our events articles, to find out what’s happening near your relais in Volterra. Whatever your interests, you’ll find an exciting event that you’ll want to see. Whether it be a Volterra or Montepulciano Twilight tour, one of the many exciting Florence exhibitions of 2013, or a visit to the Teatro del Silenzio to witness the incredible Andrea Bocelli in concert, you can get all of your information here.

Have you ever tried to imagine how life was in Medieval times? Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore: you can be part of a real Medieval festival in Tuscany! Summer in Tuscany is like stepping back in time: countless cities and towns celebrate their traditions with re-enactments and medieval festivals. The Middle Ages have left a [...]

I nostri ospiti spesso ammettono di sentirsi a casa e di soggiornare a Villa Sensano come se fossero venuti a trovare degli amici dopo tanto tempo. Ecco alcuni esempi: E’ stato come tornare a casa Angolo di paradiso in Toscana   Atmosfere quasi cinematografiche   La serenità, la bellezza del paesaggio, le ore passate sotto [...]

Which most beautiful Italian region can provide beautiful landscapes? Tuscany is here for you!Everything is already in full bloom, the vineyards are filling out, the grain is being harvested and the sunflowers are bobbing in the wind. Could there be a better time for your photos? The most popular cities for taking photos are Siena [...]

One of the most famous British legends is that of King Arthur and the sword in the stone. According to the various versions of the story, the sword could only be pulled out of the stone by the true king of England. A similar, though much less well-known, story can be found in the Italian [...]

Volterra, a jewel of Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance art, dominates the whole valley of the river Cecina from its birth to the Thyrrenian sea, from a hill 550 m above sea level. History has left its marks in Volterra from the Etruscan period to the 19th century with artistic and monumental traces of great [...]

Tuscan Olive oil and Tuscan bread (saltless) have always formed the staff of life in Tuscany and continue to this day to be major and essential components of the Tuscan diet. Olive oil is used both “raw” as a condiment on bread, salads, tomatoes etc and extensively in cooking. In contrast, use of butter is very [...]

Villa Sensano is definitely dog friendly. Here, your faithful friends are also our friends, important guests who will enjoy the garden on three levels and will rumble on long walks full of smells and perfumes of the Tuscan countryside. They can run, sniff, play and, why not, relax under our wonderful trees! Don’t leave them [...]

  We are now at the 26th edition of the festival (the oldest and longest-running in our country), that will take place on July 8th-9th-10th and 15th-16th-17th. This year, the chosen theme is: ARTS, GAMES AND FEASTS AT THE TIME OF DANTE. Everyone is invited to cross the gates of the castle and enter the [...]

The Impressions of our guests are very important, memories and feelings of our Villa and of our beautiful Tuscany. Pieces of emotions that our guests will bring with them at home, remembering the beautiful days spent by the pool enjoying the beautiful views. “Tuscany all to ourselves! Owned by two sisters who were very helpful and [...]

For your anniversary or any kind of celebrations choose  Villa Sensano, you will have wonderful Memories for a lifetime.   Just think of holding your anniversary in a beautiful, late eighteenth century country villa in a picturesque Tuscan hamlet, with a twelfth century Romanesque church. Just you, the bridal couple, and your guests gathered together to celebrate the most [...]

Volterra AD 1398 is one of the most entertaining and admired Italian re-enactment festivals. The festival takes place in the pulsing heart of medieval Volterra and in the singular “Parco di Castello” (town’s public garden), overlooked by the imposing Medici’s Fortress. The town centre is animated by the ever-present past and the visitors are taken, as [...]

Bello Brunello!


Credits: “Brunello di Montalcino”, Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino In many ways, Montalcino is like other hilltop towns in Tuscany, a medieval city whose human inhabitation dates back to the Etruscan era. Below the stunning stony settlement, characteristic olive orchards share the sloping hillsides with grape vines. The vines of Montalcino, however, are something [...]

Credits: “Contrade”, Daniele Marcucci Americans interested in horse racing are likely to think of The Kentucky Derby or the Breeders Cup as highlights on the calendar of prestigious races. In Italy, equally colorful and stylish fanfare surrounds Siena’s Palio. The event has been held since 1281, long predating America’s famed races and even the United [...]

Credits: “Santa Croce + Calcio Storico”, Alexandra For pomp and pageantry, you’d be hard pressed to beat the Florentines. Back in 1530, as a demonstration of defiance after five months of siege, they staged a game of calico in livrea (football in costume) in full view of the Spanish armies. Now, almost five hundred years [...]

Credits: “Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino”, MITO SettembreMusica  April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes, but there is more to May than blooming roses when you spend your holiday in Tuscany. The annual Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is classical music festival held in Florence each May, attracting the best performers and large audiences from [...]

Italy and delicious wine go hand in hand. Home to some of the most famous varieties in the world, Italy is the place to visit if you want to sample some incredible wine. The area of Tuscany is particularly suited for a wine themed visit to Italy, as it is home to some well-known Tuscan [...]

Il Palio di Siena, often referred to simply as Il Palio, is one of the most famous horse events in Italy, if not the world. This horse race takes place twice yearly in the Tuscan city of Siena, around the central Piazza del Campo. But the Palio is not just an exciting horse race; it’s [...]

Looking for things to do in Tuscany in June? Well look no further, as the beautiful Tuscan city of Pisa is your answer! Pisa really comes alive in June, as this month is packed full of celebrations, including the enchanting Luminara di San Ranieri; a festival of lights dedicated to the Patron Saint of the [...]

Beautiful Tuscany is home to one of the most beautiful voices of all time: namely that of Andrea Bocelli, who is known worldwide for his incredible performances, particularly the legendary ‘Time To Say Goodbye’. So make sure you’re present for his amazing, annual concert which takes place in July at the fantastic Teatro del Silenzio [...]

It’s easy to forget the hustle and bustle of city life as you kick back and relax at the charming Villa Sensano. Yet just over an hour away from our villa, you’ll find fabulous Florence. This historically and culturally significant Tuscan city is definitely worth a visit, especially since there are due to be a [...]